The deep catastrophe Toronto premiere reputation moved the audience winpm

The "deep" catastrophe Toronto premiere reputation touched the Sina entertainment news film "deep" havoc by the famous Hollywood director Peter directed by Berg, and invited the "Transformers 4", "turn" and "Teddy bear" actor Mark starring Wahlberg and filmmaker, more little meat Dylan, Obrien, Gina Rodriguez Kurt Russell, the old drama of bone and John Malkovich co starred with IMAX shooting, to create the most realistic disaster scene. North American time in September 13th, the movie "deep catastrophe" held a grand world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the film received high praise from the audience moved. Mark Wahlberg "Hua Xianzi" red carpet stunning debut as a producer and eye-catching eye-catching hairstyle starring movie "deep" havoc, Mark Wahlberg changed all of his old "Transformers 4", "turn" and "bear" in Teddy impression, successfully played a great and extraordinary hero. In this "deep" havoc in world premiere, Mark Wahlberg has attracted the audience and the media attention to the appearance of A. In order to cope with the shooting of the "Transformers 5" in character modeling, Mark Wahlberg left a gorgeous Li, "the head of", can not help but be surprised to mature uncle also has a "Meng heart", """. The red carpet ceremony process, Kate Hodson, Gina Rodriguez and Kurt Raser is also a star studded dress, attracted a lot of media lens, more frequent interaction with the fans. At the same time, director Peter Berg live speech, thanks to all the people who pay for the film, I hope you can enjoy this film based on real events. The real event "Scene tears collapse" shocking the audience applause as happened in the United States of Mexico Bay as everyone knows, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in recent years is the largest marine disaster film "deep" is based on the catastrophe of the incident. Mark Wahlberg’s Mike Williams is a real event in the civilian heroes, the disaster he save, save a lot of oil workers in life. In Toronto, the world premiere, Mike, a family also came to the scene, the audience and the media invariably gave him great respect. The movie "deep" havoc completely restore the true scene of the disaster, Lionsgate will spend lots of money to build the scene to the extreme, as is the audience can deeply feel the disaster scene is critical and urgent when viewing. The reaction of the audience seemed to experience the event, and Mark was impressed by Wahlberg’s performance, he shejijiuren move touched many people, at the same time, the disaster of the tragic and the passage of life also let the audience have tears. At the end of the movie, the whole auditorium rang a few minutes rest, overwhelming applause, once again showing high true everyone on the "deep" catastrophe recognition and film. Directed by the famous Hollywood director Peter Berg’s film "deep" havoc, inviting the "Transformers 4", "turn" and "Teddy bear" actor Mark starring Wahlberg and producer, by little meat".相关的主题文章:

Tao Xinran then said the bad woman was not afraid to attack – Entertainment Sohu

Tao Xinran then said: "the bad woman was not afraid to attack" – Sohu Tao Xinran Entertainment (map) Yangtze River Network – Wuhan morning news (reporter Mei Dongni) in the "The Legend of Zhen Huan" anling is a love hate role, actor Tao Xinran revealed in an interview, "anling has been the person many parents have been attacked, however, is called" Oriental TV hit Spy Drama "rouge", Tao Xinran hanging open and generally played a huge impact because of fate and a tragic ending female von Mena, has been upgraded to the mother of Tao Xinran said, "I think this role is met well, the director and producer of such a particularly difficult role to play to me, I am very happy. When fixing the producer also told me that "Xin Ran, you more than I expected, thank you."." Tao Xinran has not the same love for Feng Manna, her eyes in this easy for the audience to hate, "actually is a good girl" has a lot of small flaws, "the character is very extreme, extreme cold, extreme and manic. Behind her, extreme and extreme cold, everything is because of the sudden shock to her life, her desire to love and be loved, trust and be trusted, but ultimately failed to escape the fate." Because of the long-term immersion in the role of the tragic fate and hard creation, Tao Xinran once needed to relax, let the assistant accompany to the monks chanting to calm down. When the role is finally completed, Tao Xinran heart big stone also finally put down. After finished "rouge" not long after, Tao Xinran pregnant, and at this time she and Feng Manna’s "entanglement" is not over. Before pregnancy, Tao Xinran promised to personally for the voice of Feng Manna, it can get the voice, "a lot of pages, and many of them are painful hysterical crying, the baby was only four months in the stomach, if pregnant women especially excited to baby is not good." After tangled, Tao Xinran decided to personally battle. "The studio was closed, the space is very small, I can also not long standing sedentary, had done with the amount of about half a day can I have one and a half. Some of the play can not see the past, I feel too much noise, too late to deal with, and I can not help but make up for." Although the process is difficult, but Tao Xinran is also very satisfied, whether it was the shooting or later dubbing, I feel I have done my best for this role. I don’t regret what she came out of. Recognition does not recognize the fact that after the broadcast to know, but I think that this may be another representative of my work."   相关的主题文章:

Hire a car for the Nvzei steal escape dig package once but two or three seconds (video) ssport

Hire a car for the Nvzei steal escape dig package once but two or three seconds to alert the car theft 38 Nvzei Gumou dedicated to the mall out of mobile phone or wallet, a two or three second, two in the more than and 30 months since the crime, police after investigation and arrested him. November 1st, the valley was a Dalian Public Security Bureau Shahekou branch of criminal detention. In two months, Gumou fled to Southern China, Hing, Heishijiao, Malan in places such as shopping malls or with the pickpocketing crime, her female customers in shopping malls or behind the curtain of import and export, while the customer from the mobile phone or wallet from his pocket out, there is a car she hired the car waiting, once succeeded quickly fled. One day in early October, Ms. Wu in a shopping mall, WeChat is preparing to pay, found the pocket mobile phone disappeared, immediately reported to the police. Police retrieved surveillance video store, see a middle-aged woman with Ms. Wu in the back, while her bargain with the salesman, the mobile phone taozou. Interpol police and plainclothes police team to obtain a branch of video surveillance, to study the law, finally Shandong road in their hiding place and arrested him. Gu confessed, a few months before her husband was arrested for assault, she lives without the landing began to flee to the mall pickpocketing crime, in order to prevent the owner or plainclothes through tracking, she hired specifically to wait in the car outside the mall, then quickly fled. The police will be the car driver and receiver is arrested.相关的主题文章:

Temple No. two, there are five astronauts with Avatar the exclusive fitness – Sohu Military Channel 特命战队go busters

Temple No. two, there are five astronauts with Avatar: the exclusive fitness – Sohu military channel page first: Tiangong two has five big powers [Abstract] Temple No. two, let our astronauts have a new home in space. In order to meet the arrival of the master bedroom space, the builders of pains. Temple No. two, high-tech materials, instrument against bone loss, environmental control and life support system, on the harmful gas detection device and noise control techniques, including avatar, instrument against bone loss is fitness development unit designed specifically for astronauts "". According to Chinese the voice of "news" reported that as the real space laboratory, one of the main Temple No. two, this task is with the Shenzhou eleven rendezvous and docking, then it will carry two astronauts living in space for 30 days, to achieve the medium-term presence of astronauts. Figure is equipped with the Tiangong two long March two F T2 rocket launch moment. Temple No. two, let our astronauts have a new home in space. In order to meet the arrival of the master, let the owners live comfortable and safe, the room space builders from pains, improve the quality of life, reduce the workload and improve the sleeping environment, rich entertainment and so on several aspects to carry out manned livable environment design, in combination of free space within a limited, integrated interior decoration, cabin space planning, visual environment and lighting, waste management, materials management, such as wireless communication technology to provide space Home Furnishing livable, comfortable environment of humanity for the astronauts, the astronauts on the 30 day dwell period, comfortable life and work. Avatar 1 high-tech materials with it, it can withstand -70 -200 DEG C high temperature if the Tiangong two and other spacecraft docking assembly to room space, then the Tiangong two is the main structure of the "big room", in which the astronauts will live and work. According to Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group of scientific research personnel, Tiangong two is the internal structure of an external vacuum, 1 atm. Evaluation of the "big bay" safety is one of the very important aspect, is 2 years in orbit during the flight, air leakage should be very small. Just like a good basketball sooner or later will leak, but a good design can make gas leakage is very slow. Tiangong two is a metal structure, observe the porthole, door switches and other components are easy to leak the link. Designers have designed a variety of safe and reliable sealing structure, which is the most critical sealing ring. Extended reading: Secret: why Tiangong two less than a reception of an astronaut Temple No. two, in addition to rice is also doing? 10 high-end experimental exposure page second: with the astronauts said exclusive fitness Tiangong two space laboratory chief architect Zhu Congpeng interview, the space is a high risk business, some of the major space sometimes a project development and production of backup device. China had in the development and production of Tiangong-1 target aircraft, while the production of a backup device. With the success of Tiangong-1 mission, mission backup original removed. Figure for the Tiangong two into orbit. Tiangong two space laboratory is China’s first truly, space.相关的主题文章:

China brand first to conquer the limits in S5 topped 魔界骑士イングリッド

China brand first to conquer the limits in S5 topped recently, "vitality (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) in S5 (Youth daring ginseng, pictures, inquiry) limits intellectual driving trip smoothly through the" Earth’s ear "in Lop Nor, arrived in Urumqi, the perfect ending. S5 in full power, excellent control, intelligent technology, space configuration and other design "five crown of pure SUV nature, in this journey, the Gobi youth, gravel desert, wading, meadow and other western regions in complex road conditions, has been demonstrated and verified the most incisive. Absolute power limit violence in hippocampal S5 highlight the blue sky and white clouds, the original sand big beautiful than Biquan, very complex road environment, also bring great challenges to the performance of vehicle. As everyone knows, each rising 300 meters above sea level, engine power is reduced 1%, the terrain is more complex in the Xinjiang area, with an average altitude of 800-1000 meters, in order to calculate it, the engine power will decline 3% or even higher. But from the actual performance in S5, the maximum power 120kW are equipped with 1.5T turbocharged engine, maximum torque of 223N – m, and without any signs of lack of power, collocation VVT variable valve timing technology, can provide effective protection for engine operating conditions in the air is thinner, the temperature is low, in extreme environments still show "absolute violence". In the upper surface of the gearbox, Belgian PUNCH third generation CVT automatic transmission and 6MT transmission in S5 is also equipped with driving provides two kinds of texture completely different for the very difficult journey, perfect withstood the brutal test. Born in S5 professional show solid chassis in S5 before the adoption of Mcpherson and after five link independent suspension, including the former Mcpherson independent suspension has the characteristics of simple structure, good comfort, and the structure is more accurate, more accurate positioning after five link independent suspension four link independent suspension such as trumpchi GS4 the more comfortable effect, can greatly reduce the various extreme conditions, before and after the direction of force of road, but also to ensure the stability of linear driving, acceleration and braking comfort and comfort have been further improved. On the basis of before and after the four wheel independent suspension, the hippocampus S5 also added a large size horizontal stabilizer bar, increase the rigidity of the front and rear suspension, so as to stimulate greater off-road performance, supplemented by the Japanese TEIN company specializing in chassis tuning, so very smooth exit through the heart. The face of Gobi, gravel, desert, wading, meadow and other difficult road, hippocampus S5 team dash, Rulvpingdi, the successful completion of the long distance across the desert, proved its excellent off-road performance and ability to conquer the peak limit. The perfect experience in S5 highlights the very wise technology in intelligent technology configuration, hippocampal S5 has always been "generous", how many black technology, the intelligent configuration in Xinjiang very difficult journey also play a very important role. For example, the hippocampus S5 equipped with ESP body electronic stability system, HHC ramp start auxiliary, MASR+MSR acceleration anti-skid and torque control technology, in the face of changing terrain road conditions, can still maintain excellent direction,!相关的主题文章:

Dynamic exposure of the new Audi a5s5 convertible version official figure – Sohu car face gossip

Full exposure of the new Audi A5 S5 convertible version of the official figure – Sohu car [Sohu car] recently, Audi officially released a new Audi A5 Cabriolet and Audi S5 Cabriolet official figure. The car continued to use the soft top convertible design, the whole line to a more dynamic than the previous model. The new Audi A5 Cabriolet continues the A5 Coupe front design, nacelle lines give people the feeling is more muscular, sharp and front bumper design at the same time so as not to lose the movement. The car is still using a soft top convertible type structure, while the body lines are not rigid, the body design gradually rose with curved waist movement, people feel very beautiful. In the tail, the new car is also the continuation of the Audi A5 Coupe style, compared to the previous only in the top of the cabin to add a LED high brake lights. The new Audi S5 Cabriolet incorporates more sporty designs, including a new front and rear surround kit, a silver A column, a silver reflector. Bilateral four exhaust, but also highlight its unique temperament. The new Audi A5 Cabriolet overall style did not get rid of the family design, the collocation of leather and silver panel ortek blue material, the front seat looks more luxurious and equipped with neck heating system. The configuration, like the 12.3 inch LED LCD panel, seat heating and ventilation, LED interior atmosphere lamp, in the control of 8.3 inch LCD display, USB interface, Wi-Fi hot, 19 speaker B& audio system; O also has equipped with. In contrast, Audi S5 Cabriolet silver trim interior replacement for carbon fiber material, the front seat is installed more sports seats package, the red LED lamp collocation atmosphere, visual effect is more combat. Power, the new Audi A5 Cabriolet will be equipped with 2.0TFSI (low power version of 190 horsepower, 252 horsepower high power version), 2.0TDI (190 HP), 3.0TDI (low power and high power version version 218 horsepower 286 horsepower) three engine. Transmission, the engine will be matched with the 6 speed manual, double clutch speed and 8 speed automatic gearbox. The new Audi S5 Cabriolet equipped with a newly developed 3.0TFSI engine, maximum power of 354 horsepower, peak torque of 500 cattle · M. Drive with matching is 8 speed automatic transmission, and the standard Quattro system. The car 0-100km h acceleration for only 5.1 seconds.相关的主题文章: